A Non-Modular Cellular DEVS Model of the Degradation of a Cultivated Soil Surface by Rainfall

Gilles Valette, Stéphanie Prévost, Laurent Lucas et Joël Léonard

We aim to model and simulate the evolution of the surface structure of a cultivated soil surface during rainfall. The surface degradation is mainly the consequence of the creation and the transport of soil fragments, which are caused by the circulation of water, rainfall and runoff in particular. Our first intent was to use Cellular Automata (CA), but these processes cannot easily be modelled in a pure CA model because they are both discrete and continuous, local and global. We explain in this paper how non modular cellular DEVS can efficiently model this natural system and we present in detail the coupled model of the simulator and the atomic model of the terrain, and we give a sketch of the way we model the processes involved.