Shape-Adaptive DCT for Color Object-Based Coding

Djamel Samai, N. Doghmane, Mouldi Bedda et Laurent Lucas

An effective scheme for coding of arbitrarily shaped color visual objects is presented. Based on SPIHT, the proposed algorithm employs the SA-DCT at the place of DWT to code texture coefficients by using mask pixels in order to create an embedded code that allows for fine-grained rate-distortion scalability. The result of the proposed procedure is a multi-resolution, progressive reconstruction of the binary shape mask as well as the texture. This algorithm is compared with wavelet-based embedded coding of the object texture. Objective and subjective simulation results show that the proposed CSPIHT-SADCT scheme has excellent rate-distortion performance.

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Discrete cosine transform, Discrete wavelet transform, image coding, shape adaptive, SPIHT