Multi-view shooting geometry for multiscopic rendering with controlled distortion

Jessica Prévoteau, Sylvia Chalençon-Piotin, Didier Debons, Laurent Lucas et Yannick Remion

A fundamental element of stereoscopic and/or autostereoscopic image production is the geometrical analysis of shooting and viewing conditions in order to obtain a qualitative 3D perception experience. This article fi rstly compares the perceived depth with the shot scene depth from the viewing and shooting geometries for a couple of shooting and rendering devices. This yields a depth distortion model whose parameters are expressed from the geometrical characteristics of shooting and rendering devices. Secondly, these expressions are inverted in order to design convenient shooting layouts yielding chosen distortions on speci c rendering devices. Thirdly, this design scheme provides three shooting technologies (3D computer graphics software, photo rail, camera box system) producing qualitative 3D content for various kind of scenes (real or virtual, still or animated), complying with any pre-chosen distortion when rendered on any speci c multiscopic technology and device formerly speci ed.