Autostereoscopic visualization of 3D time-varying complex objects in volumetric image sequences

Aassif Benassarou, Gilles Valette, Didier Debons, Yannick Remion et Laurent Lucas

This paper presents 4DVizMED, a framework for interactive analysis and autostereoscopic visualization of 3D time-varying objects in volumetric image sequences. It combines a deformable surface model which automatically tracks volumetric features, real-time multi-view stereo volume rendering, and some interactive tools for manipulation and quantization. Our method is based on a topological feature tracking process, using a flow-based paradigm and a deformable surface model. It tracks through time the evolution of the components of an isosurface and their interaction with other components. We focus on the difficulties of visualizing 4D volume data, and we report the results of preliminary experiments designed to evaluate the utility of autostereoscopic displays for this purpose.