Robust non-quadratic static output feedback controller design for Takagi-Sugeno systems using descriptor redundancy

Tahar Bouarar, Kevin Guelton et Noureddine Manamanni

This work concerns robust static output feedback controller (SOFC) design for uncertain and disturbed Takagi-Sugeno (TS) systems using an H-infinity criterion. The main result is based on a descriptor formulation of the closed-loop dynamics. The proposed approach allows avoiding appearance of crossing terms between the controller’s and the TS system’s input matrices leading to easier LMI formulation than existing studies in the literature. Moreover, the proposed SOFC design conditions don’t require any restrictions on the output equation and allow dealing with unmeasurable premise variables. Indeed, taking advantage of the uncertain TS modeling, nonlinearities associated to unmeasurable premises variables can be reported from the nominal part to the uncertainties. To provide LMIs of less conservatism, the results are conducted in the non-quadratic framework. Finally, two numerical examples and a benchmark of a crane system are proposed to illustrate the efficiency of the SOFC design methodology.

Mots clés

Takagi-Sugeno models, Robust Static Output Feedback Controller, Descriptor Redundancy, Non-Quadratic Stabilization, LMI, H∞ criterion, Unmeasurable premise variables