The standardized generation and the robust filtering of the command as tools of optimization of the mental workload of the systems engineer.

Raphaël Coupat, Marc Meslay, Marc-Axel Burette, Alexandre Philippot, David Annebicque et Bernard Riera

This paper presents an original approach to standardize the work of electric traction of railway transportation. This approach is developed within an industrial thesis, financed by the SNCF (French acronym for National Society of French Railways) in association with the CReSTIC (Research Centre in Information and Communication Science and Technologies). This approach is composed of two axes. The first axis is the standardized generation of deliverables made by the systems engineers in order to help them keeping their concentration on cognitive task and to avoid repetitive tasks which can lead to mental underload. The second axis is the integration of a robust filter is based on the use of safety constraints within the methodology of standardization. This controller is then constrained by the functional programs, already established and used by the SNCF. The systems engineers can be serene and this filter avoids the stress of decision-making which can lead to a mental overload.

Mots clés

control, task-based design, mental workload, standardization process, safety-critical systems, railway transport.