Simulation of Rain Splash Using a Genetic Fuzzy System

Gilles Valette, Stéphanie Prévost, Laurent Lucas et Joël Léonard

The soil surface structure of agricultural field is in continuous evolution. In particular, erosion by rainfall and runoff causes a progressive degradation of this structure which is a process of high agronomic and environmental relevance. Our objective is to realize a simulator of soil surface degradation by rainfall at the meter scale and including visualization. The first step of this degradation is the splash effect due to the raindrops impact, producing aggregates breakdown and movement of soil fragments by projection. We show in this paper that a fuzzy rules based system with an optimization by genetic algorithms can be used to obtain results in a virtual simulator that are similar to those obtained during real rainfall simulator experiments, especially regarding the size selectivity of the process.

Mots clés

simulation, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, erosion, rain splash