Modeling and Visualization of Cracks in a Desiccating Soil

Gilles Valette, Stéphanie Prévost et Laurent Lucas

This article describes a method to model and visualize the formation and the development of 3-dimensional cracks on the surface of a shrinking volume. The path of the cracks is precalculated by an appropriate algorithm which gives a graph of discrete ways. We newly propose to take into account a possibly inhomogeneous thickness of the shrinking layer by using a watershed transformation to compute this path. Another originality of our method is the calculation of the width and the depth of each crack by a discrete shrinkage volume propagation. In this paper, we present our approach in detail and we give different images obtained with our method.

Mots clés

simulation, computer graphics, terrain visualization, cracks, cellular automata, watershed, Dirichlet tessellation