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Diana Lucia Farfan Cabrera

Photo de Diana Lucia Farfan Cabrera



Department : Informatique


Reims, bât. C


Software engineer with a specialization in medical image processing, with knowledge of programming development tools and machine learning approaches. Has international experience in France and Switzerland on projects related to medical image processing, in collaboration with hospitals. Currently pursuing a Phd project in the CReSTIC research laboratory and General Electric Healthcare.

My research work consisting of performing automatic segmentation of pathological axillary lymph nodes (lymph nodes that have cancer cells) on PET / CT medical images, using deep learning with UNet neural networks. To accomplish this, two working hypotheses:
- Take advantage of both the anatomical information from the scanner to detect lymph nodes and the functional information from PET to detect pathological lymph nodes.
- Consider also the regional attributes extracted from component trees from PET images, in order to enrich and merge this information carried by PET to the UNet neural networks in the form of additional channels for learning.


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Cette liste bibliographique est récupérée automatiquement depuis HAL